Ionic 4 + AppSync: Set up Authentication with Amazon Cognito - Part 5

In this post we're going to continue building our app by adding authentication and authorization features to it. This isn't something you'd normally consider easy to implement, but with Amplify you can do this in a matter of minutes. We're going to use Amazon Cognito to manage our users and we'll use the Amplify CLI to set it up on our AWS backend. Then, we'll use the Amplify library to add UI components for authentication to our Ionic app. Read More

GraphQL, Ionic 2+, Ionic, Angular, AppSync

Ionic 4 + AppSync: Build a mobile app with a GraphQL backend - Part 1

A year ago I wrote a tutorial for building a GraphQL backend for an Ionic app with Graphcool. Around the same time, Amazon Web Services (AWS) released their own GraphQL service called AWS AppSync. Amazon Web Services are widely used by many (big) companies and they offer more than 100 different types of services which you can use to create a complete backend for any type of app. AWS offers free tiers for almost all their services so it's free to get started with AppSync. Read More

GraphQL, AWS, AppSync, Angular, Ionic 2+