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How To Log Errors In Your Ionic 2 App With Sentry

Sentry is an open source solution for tracking errors in applications. You can install Sentry on your own server and let your app send its errors there or you can use the Sentry hosted service, starting with a free plan that tracks up to 10.000 events per month. In this tutorial, we'll build an Ionic 2 app that logs its errors to the hosted Sentry service. Read More

Ionic 2+, Sentry, TypeScript

How To Create A Node.js Microservice For Your Ionic App

In my previous post I created an Ionic 2 app that reads the posts from a Facebook Page and displays them in the app. I also mentioned that hard coding the Access Token for the Facebook Graph API within the app wasn't ideal, since it can be stolen by anyone who decompiles your app. In this post we'll create a very simple Node.js service that will handle the call to the Facebook Graph API for us, so we don't need to include the Access Token in our Ionic app anymore. Read More

Ionic, Ionic 2+, Node.js, ES6

Exploring App Module And App Component In An Ionic 2 App

I recently upgraded all my Ionic 2 tutorials from beta versions to the latest version of Ionic 2 and I noticed that there were some changes regarding the App Module. This inspired me to dig a little bit deeper into what happens at the start of the application. In this post, we'll have a look at the functionality of both the App Component and the App Module. Read More

Ionic 2+, Angular 2+, TypeScript